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Business Athlete_Icon (1).png
Our Business Athletes.

We're people who work hard and love to get through challenges to help us get to the next level. We enjoy comedic relief, the theatre, art, philanthropy and good food. We're close to our family and friends. This is our Business Athlete team!

Based in New York and Los Angeles, The Business Athlete team came together with a common goal: to help others through their stories, growth, and life events as they work through business goals. 

Business Athlete_Icon (1).png
Katrina L. Jefferson

Founder and CEO

I created the Business Athlete because I hear so many women and moms like myself who don't have one resource for growth and development at their stage. We need quick, vetted resources to sustain our full lives.

Davina Roberts, MBA

Head of Content

I'm a skilled Marketing Professional who loves to create experiences and digital marketing campaigns. Not a Jefferson, but Katrina says we're cousins. 

Noah Jefferson

Social Media

I am proud to be a part of the family business. I can learn, make mistakes and get paid?!? Gotta love it.

Business Athlete_Icon (1).png
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