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It’s becoming a trend to talk about Gen Z and its impact on society. Looking at all the stats, we understand what all the chatter is about. Did you know that Gen Zer’s, people ages 7 to 22, have spending power of $143 Billion dollars this year? Smart brands do.

Although Gen Z requires social platforms to navigate life (think Discord, Twitch, TikTok, Snapchat), they still feel connection and community are important. This is the consumer that will advocate and show up at social cause rallies they believe in. To that end, brands like Adidas, are a win with this group, due to their constant and consistent inclusivity and community integrations for brand campaigns. These brands also win when they bring in influencers from a variety of verticals, who also believe in the brand. So how can you reach Gen Z through the Gaming vertical? Here are 4 ways brands can reach Gen Z through gaming:

  1. Align with the latest game. Think Madden 22 product placements, (Branded uniforms,… Gatorade…) fashion and beauty branded avatars and avatar accessories, or talent as key players. In any case, getting in game facetime won’t be forgotten easily as it’s the new branded experience.

  2. Host a gaming event. Hop on Discord or Twitch. See how your brand aligns. Push out an activation with a gamer or even better, a “non” gamer ( like a sports figure, etc.) to host an audience heavy partnership.

  3. Support a gaming organization or collective. Look at Sugar Gamers as a great example of what could be done with sufficient assistance. If they know the space, have experience in industry, and check the diversity and inclusion box (and I say this in a good good way), then it’s worth some outreach.

  4. Create a gameified experience! What if you just cannot envision your company coming up with a way to integrate traditional or immersive game play? Then brainstorm a gameified experience that can be used to engage the audience you’re targeting. A choose your own adventure experience to launch a product is one way to do it.

During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, 66% of Gen Z’s reported downloading more gaming apps, compared to 59% of Millennials and 56% of Generation X. Gen Z’s favorite games to play are action-adventure, role-playing games, and puzzles. – Tapjoy Whether you want to align with a new game or one that’s got staying power, get creative in your approach! Contact us for details on your next “W.”

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