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It’s a constant balancing act as a parent. You start something and something else comes up. You work hard and can’t get a moment for yourself. You add a new client and another new client comes along. It seems like active parents always face a question of prioritization to match their lifestyle which can be tough!

Working parents and entrepreneurs, along with my stay-at-home moms, can all get through it but the key is to focus on yourself first. We don’t do it enough or at all and that’s no bueno. I like to grasp with the analogy of the airplane oxygen mask, where you “place it on yourself first before you place it on the child.” Breathe, parents, ….breathe.

I don’t know all the answers. In fact, there have been some trying periods where I just wanted to give up on all of it and completely cut everything off because it became too much to deal with. What kept me going was my family and their constant efforts and encouragement. But I do agree that a little downtime here and there is a must for ALL!

When you’re blessed to have a good (or great) life just keep your focus on that. Don’t overdo it. When more “stuff” comes along, reprioritize. There’s ALWAYS going to be something that needs to get done, right? So it just becomes a matter of you choosing when it happens. And sometimes a delay provides just enough time for you to even decide if it’s really that important.

So the next time you have to: 1. take the kids to practice, 2. manage 4 project deadlines, 3. get dinner going 4. fit in a workout 5. approve payroll 6. order groceries or go to the grocery store 7. drink 5 glasses of water 8. call your sister back — all in one day….don’t LOL.

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