At What Age Should Your Child Get a Phone?

Readers, let me tell you the STRESS my niece has me under the other day. So for background, my niece is 8 and my absolutely Angel. I am the youngest of four and she is like the baby sister I never had. I love doing everything with her and we are like two peas in a pod, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t work my last nerve. She has gotten into this habit of FaceTiming me on Friday and Saturday nights at 11pm!

I explained to her that Friday night, I’m tired. I’ve worked a full day and then some and I’m in bed by 10:30. I usually sleep with my phone on DND, but the other night I left it on and she called me, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR times in a row and woke me up. I was livid because I told her that I was tired on Friday’s and I was like what is this 8 year old doing up and on her phone at 11?

I called her back the next day and told her why calling people at 11 is rude but also told her screen time needs to end by 9. So, for all my parents, at what age did you get your child a phone?

I was wondering why in the world did my sister get my niece a phone and she said 1. For safety reasons when she’s out as school or extra curricular activities, 2. So she can FaceTime her friends, and 3. It helps her be more independent. Why I totally get all of these things, when I was 8, I had to use the house phone like everyone else!

In all seriousness, I get that I grew up in a different time period, so getting a phone at 14 was more realistic, but I still thought 8 was pretty young. I think that unless phone time is strictly monitored, it can be a distraction and the phone use can be abused by the child because they don’t know any better. My niece, while studious can get carried away watching YouTube, playing Roblox and FaceTiming me. So there has to be a happy medium. While I would totally want my child to have a phone to keep in touch, I would still want them to experience and enjoy childhood without the pressures and burden of ALWAYS being connected.

So parents, what are some of the reasons you got your child a phone and at what age did you get it? Let me know in the comments!

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