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Jay-Z and Beyonce are known as a dynamic powerhouse duo. From chart-topping singles to creating their own brands, they are known for their talent and financial success. Most recently, they have both signed on to be the new face of Tiffany & Co., a first for the couple, as they have never both been representatives for an ad campaign together. Not only is this a first for the couple, but this is a first for Tiffany & Co.Beyonce is one of the first black women to grace their ads in their historic and popular tiffany diamond. Not only this, but this is the first time they have collaborated with celebrities while pledging to help Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU). With this collaboration, Tiffany & Co. has agreed to donate 2 million dollars to HBCU’s with more details to come in the near future.

While this ad is incredible in its own right, the Carter’s are doing something that a majority of us aim to do. They are building generational wealth. Every opportunity to them is not seen as one that just betters them, but their future family members and those surrounding them. They strategically choose their projects and spend their resources in ventures that they know will be beneficial, and by doing this, they have been able to set their kids up for life. Now, I doubt that because of this they will give their kids a pass on searching for their purpose in life, but they have aided them in their journey to making it less difficult. As a parent, I feel that this is many of our goals, and the fact that they were able to achieve this is monumental! After thinking about their success, I came up with three practices that I’ve observed that they live by:

1. Time is Money

They spend their time on projects that are impactful. They are not known for doing 1000 half-finished projects, but they continuously produce superior works of art.

2. Leverage and Negotiate

They know what they are worth and won’t settle for anything less! When performing for Coachella, Beyonce monetized on her live performance by making HOMECOMING available on streaming mogul, Netflix. This only allowed her to make more money than what she was paid for the original performance.

3. Uplift Those Around You No matter how successful they are, they make sure to help those around them. Whether that is with aiding college students with tuition or helping those who are displaced by natural disasters, they are always lending a helping hand. We can learn a lot from them when it comes to financial literacy and building generational wealth, but aside from that, we can always count on them to help us find the latest catchy tune!

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