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Choosing the Right Extracurricular Activity for Your Child

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Yesterday, we talked about the upcoming school year, and today we’re doing the same! As the school year approaches, tons of questions flood our minds, and as parents, we just want to do what’s best for our child, including choosing the right sport or club for them.

So how do you choose?

I always think it’s important that when your child is old enough to start making independent decisions, they should be able to choose the type of activities they would like to do. But, if your child is around eight or younger, and may need some guidance on extracurricular activities they would like to do, how do you pick?

Here are our top three tips:

1. Think about your child’s strengths

What is your child good at? Are they confident, and great at talking? Maybe acting lessons might be their thing. Or are they super competitive and full of energy? Consider sports and see which one they like the best. You know your child the best, so see what activities they could participate in that play to their strengths and help them find the activity that is a good fit! Help them build on the traits that they already have and help strengthen them. If they have a natural talent for music, put them in vocal lessons or piano class.

2. Think about your child’s weakness

While we always want to see our children succeed, we also need to be realistic and realize sometimes they need an extra nudge to get there. No matter how great of a person they are, just like anyone, there is room for improvement. If your child is on the shy side, put them in something that will get them out of their comfort zone. Let’s say they have a hard time working with others, put them in a team sport to help them to learn how to work collaboratively.

3. Don’t be afraid to be wrong!

This is a big one! Let’s say you thought your child would love figure skating because they like rollerblading. After a few lessons, they tell you that they don’t like it. That’s perfectly fine! Sometimes you have to go through a period or trial and error to figure out what it is that your child will like and it’s useful for both of you because you can see what might work and what doesn’t. There is no exact science to this, so just be open to trying new activities and being wrong.

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