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If you haven’t heard, Mark Zuckerberg has been trending recently for testing out a headset that looks strikingly similar to the Oculus. These prototype headsets are allegedly concepts for the Facebook metaverse products that are being tested out. Facebook has been toying with the idea of adding virtual reality gadgets into their brand, and they are moving full steam ahead. While Zuckerberg and his colleague can be seen trying on a variety of headsets, ranging from size to design, we can’t help but wonder, how do they plan to map this out?

It’s a big leap for Facebook, but not an unattainable one. Everyone has been trying to implement new ways to capitalize and join in on the metaverse. Facebook has been spearheading some of the biggest tech milestones within the past decade, and we can already see this with their new Ray-Ban sunglasses which allow wearers to capture photos and videos. So will we be able to connect with friends on Facebook in a virtual reality setting? Or will Facebook games now be played in real-time in the metaverse? Only time will tell, but we’re interested in learning more.

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