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FC Home & Deco’s Friendly Breakup Collection

It's no secret that during the pandemic, divorce rates rose, with couples being cooped up in the house and getting tired of one another's presence. While couples were ready to call it quits, they found themselves in a peculiar situation. They were unable to live on their own.

With the housing market forever in a flux, ebbing and flowing and changing by the day, couples realize that they were not able to sustain themselves on their own. With interest rates hiking up day by day and with competition in the housing market, couples realized they were financially better off living with one another while being separated.

This did create an odd opportunity for FC Home & Deco, a new furniture line that would focus on couples who are apart, living together. This line features tables and chairs that are easily split apart so that separated couples who are still in the same area can have their own space. Now, while this may sound odd, I'm all for it. As a marketer myself, this was an ingenious idea. This company saw a space to create this line because there was a problem for couples who are separated but still living together. They are still able to have functional furniture and they are also able to carry out the aesthetic of their overall home decor.

The furniture is practical but also stylish. Couples who still want to entertain, or have friends over, or coworkers, can still relish in the fact that their home has style and elegance but let's say they don't want to have dinner together, they have the option to split up the table and the chairs. What do you guys think about this? Would you be able to rock this in your home? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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