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Happy Fathers Day to Non-Fathers

Father’s Day 2022 is on Sunday and this day is for children and spouses to celebrate the fathers in their lives. But I think there are a lot of unsung heroes who are often left out of this narrative. A father can take many forms, with some not being biological parents. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes many people to influence and shape one.

When you think about a father figure your initial thought is usually a nuclear family with a dad. But think back to some of the most influential men in your life. It could be an older brother, uncle, school teacher or coach. They are often unsung heroes who are left out of the Father’s Day narrative that should be appreciated and recognized. According to our reader's, here are some influential men who they believe should be recognized this Father’s Day.

  1. Coaches - growing up my coach was like a father to me. I had a dad who was very involved and I love and appreciate him wholeheartedly. But on the days when I was practicing on the field and after tough games, it was often my coach who gave me words of wisdom and help pick up my mood. My coach saw greatness in me and pushed me beyond my limits and for that, I am forever thankful. While he is not my dad, he is like a father figure to me and I often still go to him for advice.

  2. Teachers - my teacher was like a second parent to me. He was tough, but only did that because he knew what we could achieve if we just stopped slacking off and put our minds to it. I never really had that relationship with my dad where he would push me and tell me no. But my teacher was one person who definitely did that. He was always there. Always there to let you know when you weren’t trying your hardest, and when he expected more. I don’t keep in contact with my teacher anymore, but he will forever impact my life. A lot of structure and a lot of discipline that I’ve developed over the years is because of him and I hope he knows how influential him being a teacher has really made on a lot of lives.

  3. Family members - growing up I would always jokingly tell people that I have a lot of moms and dads. I grew up in a huge family, so that often means that you were never alone. When I was really young, this used to annoy me because I felt like they were multiple people always keeping eyes on me. But as I got older, I learned to appreciate this. I always had a mom to vent to and dad to tell me when I was going off course. My uncles were always there for me if my dad was busy at work and couldn’t get off and my brothers were always there to teach me something new.

So this Father’s Day, let’s celebrate all the dads in our lives and let them know how special they are to us!

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