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Has Fashion Gotten Lazy?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

September was 2022 fashion week in New York, and while I was never one to keep up with fashion trends or designers, I did see some of the designs across my FY page, and it has me thinking - has fashion gotten lazy?

I mean, so many designs were just interactions of past designs or the same thing in a different color mauve. I didn’t see much originality and it seemed bland and bleak. I’m by no means a fashion critic and I’m not saying that every designer lacked originality, but overall, it lacked excitement.

Why have we become so obsessed with simplicity and only skin toned hues?

For one, I think designers are designing nowadays for what people want rather than the other way around. HIstorically, we’ve seen designers set trends, they told us what was in fashion and we followed. But now, we’ve seen a shift, as celebrities and influencers are dictating trends. While this has good and bad (like we love how more body shapes and forms are accepting now), designers have limited designs to one lined silhouettes and have stopped embracing colors.

We have also started to repurpose trends faster than they can stick around. Last year, everyone had an obsession with Y2K, but that lasted only a few months before everyone was ditching their fast fashion designs for the latest fad. Fashion Designers are also trying to keep up with fast fashion brands, but they have stopped innovating.

I’ve seen small up and coming fashion designers have more innovation than larger established fashion brands, which is why I have personally chosen to support them rather than these million-dollar companies.

Overall, I think major fashion has become redundant and stale, and I’m disappointed to say the least.

BTW - check out my recommendations for innovating, cool, and sustainable fashion brands to support:

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