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Hit Another One, It Goes Green

All of my marketers, you know what I'm talking about. It is one of the things that have made the iPhone one of the top coveted phones. And that is the Blue bubble. This is something that is popular among people who are around 40 and under. when they text someone if they are an iPhone user, they expect to see a blue bubble. And I think this is one of Apple's most ingenious moves that they could have done.

creating that blue bubble showed some sort of exclusivity. When texting someone else and they also have a blue bubble, you feel as though you are in on something special. I remember in high school, if I asked someone for their number and the text went green (meaning they had an android) I immediately was less interested in the conversation. While it is superficial, it made it impossible to play games over iMessage with them, harder to send larger files, and inconvenient to message when I didn’t have cellular data and only had WIFI. Of course, there is tons and tons of engineering behind it. When you text someone else via iMessage, you have the ability to react to their messages, see them typing, and send photos and videos with ease. Texting iPhone to iPhone is way easier than texting iPhone to Android, but the distinguishing factor of the blue bubble is really what sets it apart.

And we're not the only ones that think so. We see it in pop culture as referenced in Chicago Freestyle by Drake, and his most recent song text go green.

In this recent song text go green Drake talks about how a message goes Green from an iPhone. This sparked some debate between Android and Google users who wanted to prompt Apple to rethink having the message go green. This is not a simple fix, this would require Apple to adopt a new feed and encryption services within their text, but in Apple's case if it's not broken why fix it? This feature has enabled them to stand apart and stand-out and it’s served them well. While it would make sending messages to Android users easier, it would also take away from the need to have an iPhone.

I know so many people who have brand loyalty to the iPhone for that very reason. Within iMessage's you can do so much with other iPhone users, and it comes down to convenience. Sharing your location is visible from your messages and doesn't even get me started on the memojis. So, personally, I agree with the blue bubble. From a brand standpoint, it makes sense.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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