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How to Catch a Break During the Summer Break

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Summer break is a fun time for families to spend time together that they wouldn't during the school year. We all love this extra time with our kids, planning fun family beach days, taking them to amusement parks, taking them to local parks, and anything and everything we can think of in between. But let's be real, this takes a toll on parents!

I mean during the school year you have time to at least do things for yourself throughout the day. While the kids are away at school or after-school programs, you get to run your errands, call your friends, and just have a breather. During the summer vacation, you are the summer school teacher, chef, camp counselor extraordinaire, nurse, and on top of it all, a mom or dad. No one is saying that we don't love having our kids home but it can feel like you have zero time for yourself. So how can you make sure that you still catch a break while the kids are on break? Here are my top two tips!

1. Schedule free time

If you have kids that are under the age of 3 this might be a little difficult. But if you have kids that are older, scheduling free time will be an awesome lifesaver. Free time, as I like to categorize it, is time where you get to do whatever you want. Everyone in the house has time for themselves. That doesn't mean you leave your kid unmonitored, but it means that you set them up with some safe play time either in their room or in the living room where you can keep an eye on them and you get to do your own thing. If this is the time that you like to use to wash the dishes while they watch TV, then do that. Or if you can catch up on some phone calls while they play Roblox, then that's what you will do for your allotted free time. It's important that they have time for independence and to do their own creative endeavors and it's important that you catch up on your many tasks and just take a second to breathe so you can continue to be a Rockstar parent.

2. Set up playdates with others

Get together with your group of mom friends or dad friends, or visit your siblings, or neighbors with children. Have them come to your home, or the park. This way you get a break from occupying your child 24/7 and you have time to just rest, relax and talk to another adult. It's okay to not have your child as the main focus every second of the summer break. Allow them to enjoy the company of other children while you supervise. You and the other parent can also use this time to catch up on your favorite book, bring your iPad and catch up on your favorite show, or just sit and talk. It's completely up to you!

So remember, while you'll be wearing many hats this summer, it is okay to take one of them off for a little bit and just take a breather. Your kid will have even more fun with you when you're refreshed, recharged and you're caught up on all of the many things that life throws your way. So go out there and have a great summer!

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