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How To Prepare for Moving In With Your Significant Other

As relationships progress, it's only natural that after a certain period of time, couples discuss moving in with one another. While this time is exciting, many people are faced with hesitation, anxiousness, and even fear. This is even stronger for people who have a history of living alone or only with their immediate family. Taking that step can be a huge leap, and sometimes you can be totally unprepared for what you face. So here at Business Athlete, we’ve prepared three tips to prepare for moving in with your SO:

1. Discuss Finances

Too often, I’ve heard of this being a huge issue once couples move in with one another. They are not aligned on who will be paying what bills if they will be splitting costs evenly and if they will be sharing a bank account. BEFORE moving in with your partner, be sure to discuss ALL of these items. Even get as granular as discussing who will be grocery shopping, how often, and how these items will be paid for. It’s important to have this clarity early on.

2. Discuss Lifestyle Habits

Let’s say you like to sleep in until 10AM but your partner loves an early morning jam session while cleaning the entire house. You might face some issues. It’s important to discuss non-negotiables with your lifestyle choices before moving in with one another because it’ll save you time from arguments later down the line. Make rules for your home including whether you think dirty dishes should be left in the sink, shoes should be worn in the house, and if the appliances should be left plugged in or out. These small things can make or break a relationship if argued about enough.

3. Discuss Expectations

Does your partner expect you to cook a homemade meal every night? Do you expect them to be home by 5PM? These are all things to consider before moving in. Maybe you didn’t realize it, but your partner could just be looking for a free chef and that’s their motive for moving in with you. Or, they would like to be mothered but have no intention of pulling their own weight. These are all things to discuss!

We wish you the best of luck with your move! We hope you and your partner consider these tips and create a lifetime of memories in your new home!

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