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MJ the Musical Will Have You On Your Feet

To all of our readers, now you know we love a good musical jam, and that’s exactly what MJ the musical delivered. MJ the Musical, now on Broadway, depicts the life of Michael Jackson as he gets ready for his 1992 Dangerous Tour, and gives us an inside scoop into the creative process he had, including the good and bad.

The musical opens with Michael in a dance studio, reviewing choreo meticulously with his dancers and reiterating his need for this to be one of the biggest tours ever produced. We see how he not only pushes himself but his team, demanding perfection for his fans. We immediately notice that Michael is battling with staying on top and the work it takes to get and stay there. We later learn where this stems from, seeing scenes of his father working little Michael and the Jackson 5 to the bone. From an early age, he had this intense pressure from his father to be perfect, and that is something that has always stuck with him.

We also see how he loved the music, but not the stardom, wishing for ways to escape celebritydom, and taking in simple pleasures like walking down the street unrecognized.

While this show encompasses a beautiful storyline of the pressure and price of fame, it also has songs that will make you want to get up and dance! We hear some of Michaels's formative songs like “ABC, I Want You Back, and I’ll Be There”. We also get into some of his hits like “Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, and Bad”.

And we have to give it up for the choreographer! Not only did they incorporate moves from Michael's iconic repertoire, but the transition from scene to scene flowed seamlessly. The dancers were constantly on stage, serving as bodies to illustrate the storyline, and doubling as the dancers on Michael's tour. The way the choreographer was able to distinguish the two was so delightful to watch and as an audience member, I was entranced.

This show was not only reminiscent of some of the songs I've heard growing up but it translated so well to the stage. I was brought back to little me watching the Thriller video for the first time and the way that they were able to replicate that on stage was phenomenal! Seeing scenes like Michael taking out the iconic White Glove, seeing the red jacket and some of his iconic outfits from Soul Train reminded me of the gravitas of what black artist and music is. If you haven't already, check out some clips below from the show, or head on down to Broadway and see it yourself. I promise you this is a show you don't want to miss.

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