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Modern Dating Woes

I've been talking to my girlfriends and they have been singing a similar tune - when I ask them if they’re seeing anyone new the answer is “I’m so over dating”. They all share the same sentiments that they met a guy with potential who turned out to be a total waste of time or they can’t find someone they share a genuine connection with. But this isn’t just one sided with the ladies - men feel this way too! When I talk to my guy friends about dating, they seem uninterested in it, and really only want a low-effort, non-committal “relationship”. It all boils down to - they’ve had a bad experience or two and they are done with dating. And let me tell you, I’ve heard some horror stories.

After mining the internet this is a feeling felt by many. I mean seriously, what is going on out there? It wasn't too long ago that I was a single woman myself, dealing with ghosting, trying to get a text back, and being stood up. But it seems that in 2022, nothing has improved. So this post is dedicated to modern dating woes that others on the internet have shared. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Been dating a girl at work for a while and she spent the whole night tonight with another lad, no worries I'm happy to do my own thing. Fast forward to the end of the night and she's got another guy picking her up. [anon-reddit]

Even since I was in highschool it has changed since tinder and apps of the like have taken over. I just wanna get to know people and form a connection. It's difficult to filter through 100 different girls that expect things to be instantaneous. I don't form good connections very often just through texting/snapchatting or whatever. Any of the connections I've made online and then actually hung out with in person(a small fraction) I still talk to this day. I can't express myself the same way over social media the same way I do in person and I can tell it affects the connections I make. It sucks tbh.[anon-reddit]

We were official and had been dating for a few months, he asked me to consider moving in with him and talked of marriage. I spent a whole day helping the boyfriend move into his new house, went home with plans for him to meet my dad the next day and that's when he dropped off the face of the earth never to be seen again. [anon - okcupid]

26-year-old heterosexual male here, can confirm that the dating scene of 2021 is a monumental shitstorm. Honestly if I can just make friends at this point I'd be happy with that. [anon-reddit]

My best advice, is to try and go out and do things on your own. It took me a long ass time to realize happiness doesn't start with others it starts with yourself. Just do things you like on your own and you'll find people with similar interests and be able to strike up a conversation and make friends. [anon]

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