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Niantic to Build Social AR Platform

Now, if you haven’t heard of Niantic, let me help you out! For background, Niantic has spearheaded some of the biggest augmented reality endeavors we’ve ever seen, but they’ve been on the scene for a minute. Think of Google Maps, Pokemon Go, and the Harry Potter video games. Niantic is the powerhouse behind them all. And now they’re taking on their next feat, creating “reality channels”.

Niantic is crowdsourcing for real-world location scanning that can be used for phones and AR glasses. Niantic unveiled its plans at its first developer conference and they announced plans to link its various games and app on one platform. This platform, or “reality channels” will allow users to use Campfire (the medium over which this will all take place), to find their list of friends and their location on a map. You can also find a nearby gaming experience and organize meetups for real-life gaming. Now if you ask me, this sounds AWESOME. I mean imagine it, meeting up at your favorite spot to game with your friends? That totally beats playing together in separate houses.

If you are down to try this out, let us know in the comments. And I PROMISE to report back if I do too!

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