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Our Traveling Bible: Ten Tips to Follow When Taking a Trip

Travel is in full swing, with many states and countries easing pandemic restrictions. More and more people have been packing the car for their annual road trip, and getting their passports ready for air travel. Whether you’re traveling by car, airplane, or boat, we here at Business Athlete have TEN tips you need to follow to ensure smooth sailing (flying, driving? Take your pick!)

  1. ALWAYS have cash on hand - If there is one tip you should remember, this one is it! Having cash on hand will be your saving grace if you are in a bind. Nowadays, we rely on credit cards, Zelle, and Afterpay, but if you are ever traveling to an area that only accepts cash, has a nonworking card machine, or has no ATM, having cash on hand will be a lifesaver. I always recommend bringing $250 in cash for any trip but use your discretion. Always to have some than none at all.

  2. Bring a backup charger - We rely on our phones for everything. GPS, boarding passes, vaccine passports, hotel phone numbers, you name it! When you’re using your phone for all these things, your battery will likely die. So how can you ensure you will have it for all scenarios? Get a backup charger! And invest in a good one, that can be used multiple times without having to be recharged.

  3. Bring medication- I always live by the motto “expect the unexpected”. While I do like to travel light, medication is one thing I always bring. My go-to bag includes Claritin, Ibuprofen, Alka-Seltzer, Neosporin, and Acetaminophen. You never know when your sinuses or a stomach bug, will creep up on you!

  4. Always bring a comfy pair of sneakers - You are headed to Aruba for your perfect tropical getaway, so all you really need are flip-flops right? While I wouldn’t blame you for saying yes, you should always have sneakers on hand. Whether it be your favorite pair of keds, or your old gym shoes, bring them for those long hikes, ATVing, or if you even want to do a morning run/workout!

  5. Bring earplugs - Everyone always laughs when I tell them this top, but earplugs come in clutch! You could have loud neighbors in your Airbnb or hotel, or hate the sound of your travel buddies snoring. Either way, earplugs help you drown it out!

  6. Pack your own snacks - This just doesn’t go for my Roadtrippers, because do I have a horror story for you. One year, I was headed to St. Maarten, and because of terrible weather, we couldn't land. A simple five-hour flight became a ten-hour ordeal with an overnight stop in St.Lucia (which was absolutely gorgeous) but I was so hungry! Luckily, my animal crackers and trail mix held me over until dinner.

  7. Bring a portable jumper - This one is for my Roadtrippers! Please, please, please, buy a portable jumper on Amazon before heading on your trip. You never know if the cold, an old battery, or accidentally leaving your headlights is the reason your battery goes out but having this will always get you where you need to go safely. And if you’re traveling abroad and renting a car, this is a great option as well!

  8. ALWAYS get the insurance - PLEASE, learn from my mistakes and always pay the extra for insurance on your hotels, car rentals, flights, whatever you can! Better to be safe than sorry.

  9. Stay hydrated - On a snowboarding vacay in Aspen? Overseas in Lisbon? Either way, you need to stay hydrated. Sometimes when we’re go go go on vacation we forget to give our bodies water. Pack an empty water bottle and refill it when you can!

  10. Invest in airtags - Losing your license right before you board or missing your briefcase is not ideal. Buy a few airtags and keep them in your bags, wallets, and anywhere else you can think of at all times. If you leave them behind, your airtag will alert you.

So with the travel season underway, we hope these tips help you have your best vacation yet. Bon voyage and tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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