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Prom on a Budget

How to make the night special for your child

Prom season is upon us and this night is probably one of the most important nights in a child's High School career. We see so many movies about it and the expectations are high! People pull out all the stops for this, lavish limousines, expensive dresses, and entrances that will make you think you just stepped out of a movie. But how can you ensure that your child has a great prom while on a budget? Here are our top three tips.

1. Buy an outfit second hand

Now I know this isn't your first thought when it comes to picking out the best outfit for your child. But a lot of second-hand outfits are inexpensive and top-tier. Many of these outfits have only been worn once for a few hours. Check out your local thrift store, a friend or family member's closet, or visit the websites below to check out some second hand options.


Rent the Runway



2. Save on the florist cost!

Whether it's prom or weddings, one of the biggest expenses is flowers. Whether that's a boot boutonniere or corsage you're looking at a pretty penny. So how can you save on this? Buy in bulk for your child and their friends. Try to get the other parents to pitch in. You can visit websites like,, or and you can order these flowers in bulk. Some already come pre-made for you!

3. Don't overdo it!

I get it. You want to be able to give your child the most memorable and magical night of their High School career. But don't overdo it! There's no need to buy your daughter the Louboutins - instead head over to Macy's and see what affordable shoe options you can find. And while I know that you want to book that makeup artist that cost $600, maybe try finding someone from your local cosmetology school. Not only are they looking to build their portfolio but oftentimes they are trained to definitely give you the glam that you're looking for.

So we hope that this prom season is filled with awesome memories! Share some of your prom memories in the comments and let us know how your child's prom went.

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