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Taking On New Hobbies As An Adult

I read an article the other day that had an interesting insight. It said that more and more adults felt unfulfilled in their lives. They felt that outside of the mundane work that they do in their professional lives and the time that they spend with families, they didn’t really do anything other than that. They didn’t have outside interests, they didn’t have anything that made them passionate or excited, and they just felt as if they were stuck in a rut and their regular routine.

Some people in the comments shared this sentiment, echoing the thoughts that sometimes, just doing your day- to-day is not enough. It got me thinking, what really gets me excited and mixes up my regular routine? It came to me, taking on new hobbies.

When you were a child, your parents encouraged you to do anything and everything. They encouraged you to learn to ice skate, learn to surf, learn to play instruments, or play a sport. I know that growing up, I was put into a variety of activities. I played tennis, I did theater and dance, and I played two instruments. My parents encouraged me to try a variety of things and find the ones that I was the most passionate about. If I didn’t like playing one instrument, they encouraged me to find one that was a better fit.

But as we pivot from our childhood and become adults, we put our hobbies on the back burner. There’s a belief that if we have a hobby we need to be the best at it. If we learn to play the trombone, we need to play at Carnegie Hall. But that’s just not true. Hobbies were not created for us to become world-class musicians or athletes, but for our enjoyment. So taking on hobbies as an adult is a great way to mix up your routine. So what are the benefits of taking on a hobby in adulthood?

1. You learn to fail and laugh things off.

When we were kids we were encouraged to try things and be terrible at them. No one expected us to be the best of the best. They just wanted us to cultivate a skill and enjoy it. When you transition into adulthood you’re expected to perfect everything. Whether that is societies expectations or our own. Taking on a new hobby encourages you to learn to try things and fail and still try again.

2, You learn the importance of dedication.

Many of us are dedicated to our jobs and our families but outside of that there’s nothing that we really have to commit our time too. Taking on a hobby as an adult reminds you that in order to be good at anything you have to put the time in. By having to do this for a hobby, it translates into our everyday lives. We can’t expect to get better at our hobby if we don’t practice and take the time for it just like we cannot expect to improve our interpersonal relationships and our careers if we’re not putting in the time.

3. It helps you to heal your inner child.

We’ve all been seeing this lately, the important concept of healing your inner child but what does that really mean? Some of us had childhoods where we either didn’t have the opportunity to do everything that we wanted. We either had to grow up too quick or we didn’t have resources to try something new. But now that we're adults and if we are able and can afford to we can take on these hobbies. Let’s say you’ve always wanted to try being a ballet dancer but you didn’t have the opportunity to attend lessons as a child. If that’s something that you still want to try you’re never too old. And now you can do that. Not only will it help you heal that inner child but it will also help you be a better adult.

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