Tesla Diner + Drive-In Theatre - WHAT!?

The other day I was filling up my tank and I thought to myself do you know what every gas station needs?... a diner and a drive-in theatre. Okay, so I didn't really think that but that's something that Elon Musk definitely wants to roll out in California. At the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Orange Drive in Los Angeles California, he hopes to open up a supercharging station that will include chargers for cars, a drive-in movie theater diner and more. But what is the motive behind this?

With Elon Musk it's hard to tell but all we can assume is that it's genius. This supercharging station will be built on more than half an acre lot with 34 total charging stations, the diner, drive-in theatre and whatever else that he can conjure up. The movies or short films are expected to run at the same length that it takes to fill up a Tesla. Who knows how this can expand. I mean aside from the diner and drive in theater, we could also see a convenience store similar to a gas station for Tesla owners. Or maybe we'll see an imitation of a rest stop, with restaurants to fit a Tesla theme or a futuristic theme and a museum. Honestly the possibilities are endless.

If I ever invest in a Tesla this will definitely be on my bucket list.

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