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The Color Purple - Review

Hey readers, as you know, we love a good show, and a few weeks ago, we saw the color purple.

While our reviews are usually about the content of the show, the versatility, and passion of the actors, and the overall beauty of the theatrics, this review will be a little different. I wanted to highlight some key themes throughout the show that I hope will give our readers some inspiration about how art often interrupts life and the hardship and beauty that comes with it.

1. Perseverance will always pay off

This show follows the main character Celie, who has quite a hard life. She faces abuse, hardship, and heartbreak, but even in the midst of all of this, she remains optimistic. There are times when it seems like she's been dealt a terrible hand, and it can’t get worse and it does. But even when it seems like there is nowhere else for her to go and nowhere else for her to turn, she finds optimism and beauty in the small things.

2. Grieving is necessary, and so is healing

Many of our characters, not just Celie, lose things they hold dear, whether that's loved ones, possessions, homes, or children, and this musical emphasizes the importance of grieving. In one scene, Celie believes her sister has died. Her sister is the closest person she has, and she finds comfort and peace in her. When she believes that she has died, she suffers the worst heartbreak imaginable. Although it takes time for her to come to terms with this, she learns to grieve and understand her sister's love is always with her.

The show also talks about healing, which is something so crucial. These characters are Black and poor living in 1910’s America. They face unimaginable trauma, from discrimination and racism to abuse in their own homes. This show follows the characters as each of them heals from this trauma, and it beautifully portrays how this healing is not always linear. These characters take many forms of navigating their trauma and finding peace within themselves.

3. Community is important

At the beginning of this show, Celie is alone, destined to marry a man she does not love and who does not love her. While living in her new home, she finds friendship and love within those that surround her like Sofia, Shug Avery, and Harpo. She leans on them and they lean on her during the most tumultuous moments of their lives. In watching this, it reminded me of how important my own community is and how we need human connection and one another. It also reminded me that even in the most unkind times, someone is on our side, and cheering us on.

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