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The Old-School Gamer- Explained in 350 Characters or Less

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

I was playing video games with my kids the other day, and I realized that I have become the old-school gamer. The person who remembers playing NBA two thousand on the Nintendo 64, the person who played duck hunt on my Nintendo classic and the person who was absolutely, and irrevocably, UNBEATABLE, on any and every WII game. Now, I'm the person playing Fortnite and trying to figure out how to build a box, and miserably failing. While I am happy that the kids are able to laugh at my inability to fight and move my avatar,

I can't believe that the person who used to be the All-Star champ at any game, is now the student. I used to relish in my swiftness, and prowess when it came to my controller, always knowing which buttons to press, and when to move my joystick to avoid opponents. But when playing with my kids, I found myself fumbling over the buttons, unsure of which one to press and when. But because I am a gamer at heart, I’ll continue to try, watching @marrentm on Youtube for tips and tricks, and I’ll continue to build my forts to no avail! I am confident that with time, practice and patience, I’ll be able to defeat opponents with a simple XY combo, because once a gamer, always a gamer. And for all my old-school gamers, just know, YOU GOT THIS!

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