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Things To Do With Your Kids for Fourth of July

Today we celebrate the Fourth of July. This is the first Independence Day that has a sense of normalcy. After two years of the pandemic and restrictions and play that hindered us from celebrating together last year, many of us are excited to share the day with our loved ones. But, if you're like many of our readers, you have little ones at home that you need to be preoccupied while you're planning your fourth of July festivities! So, what can you do to keep them entertained? Here are our top three tips:

1. Find local festivities!

Usually, on the 4th of July, towns and counties put on various festivities for children. Look in your County newspaper, website, or at your County's office to see if there are local parades, fairs, or firework shows. Your kids will love to watch the fireworks and it'll be a great time!

2. Set something up at home!

The Motto I live by is, that you don't always have to go out to have fun. Set something up at home. Get a ball pit on Amazon for your kids and get the barbecue grill going. They'll feel like they're at a fair and you'll have all the time to prep at home for your guests to arrive. Want to do something else? Set up a flag-making station for the kids, or a kite building kit. It will keep them preoccupied and they’ll have beautiful creations to show you afterward.

3. Make your own fireworks

I have always been wary when it comes to doing fireworks in your backyard. For one, not many neighbors appreciate it. The mess that they see the next day in their yard is frustrating. Not only that but if you have local veterans in your neighborhood they also might not appreciate it, as well as other people with small children and animals. So unless you're going to a place that's designated for fireworks, we always encourage you to stay away from doing them at your house. But you can make your own makeshift fireworks with powder paint. Get some powder paint and put them in little Ziplocs for the kids. You can have them throw them around your backyard and you'll have your fireworks at home. You'll have to do it in the daytime to see the effect, but it's the next best thing. If you don't want to do that, you can get little lasers and set them up in the backyard at night. The kids will love running through the lasers and seeing them as they reflect off the sky. Whichever one you choose, it'll be sure to keep the kids happy.

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