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Tik Tok Beta Feature - What Does This Mean for Creatives?

If you love livestreaming to a community of folks who really appreciate what you're doing, and what you have to say, there's no better place than TikTok. TikTok released a video two weeks announcing its TikTok Live Subscription program, which lets viewers pay to subscribe to their favorite live streamers. In a video posted on the company’s TikTok Live Creator page, they announced that the program was launching in beta on May 26th. With this model, creators can upload videos showing off their viewers’ reactions to their status as “Subscribed Artists” and announcing the perks of being a subscriber—including custom stickers for livestream chats, access to subscriber-only chats with other subscribers and fans, badges that differentiate them from non-subscribers, and predictable monthly income from fans.

Let's break down what's included in this subscription:

Subscriber Badges: Badges shown next to their name on their profile and upgraded over time.

Custom Emotes: Exclusive emotes custom-designed by creators to use during Live Sessions. These are designed to “bring the community together and make your sessions more spirited,” TikTok says in a blog post.

Subscriber-Only Chat: A chat space where creators and their subscribers can connect.

With the launch of live subscriptions, creators will be able to engage with their biggest fans directly. The subscriber-only chat is another way of pushing users to pay a subscription fee in hopes of getting an opportunity to interact with creators without the hassle of commenting in a crowded space. Live subscriptions also grant custom emotes that have been designed by creators as a token of appreciation for their fans. These subscriber-only emotes can be used during TikTok live sessions

To use the Live Subscription feature, creators must be at least 18 years old and have a minimum of 1,000 followers to access the live subscription feature, while subscribers will need to be over 18. The company has randomly picked up some well-known influencers in the early test phase of its new monetization program. For now, the program is strictly in an invite-only phase.

While TikTok has stated that in the future, they will support a subscription model to their creators and users, they haven't said much else on the topic. At this point, we don't know how it will work (Will there be a platform where you can subscribe to multiple creators? Will only certain types of content be subscription-only?), or what it might mean for creators who have been relying on non-subscription based social platforms for their content creation. We'll have to play the waiting game and see what they decide to do for the future. Maybe they'll want to revert to their old model, or implement this one completely. For all our Tik Tok creators out there, let us know your thoughts on this!

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