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To Homeschool Or Not To Homeschool

Hello readers! Many of us have kids who are back in school and taking on the new year. But, for some parents, they’ve opted out of sending their kids back to in-person school. Instead, they’ve enrolled them in home school programs, which means their child is either being taught by them, the parent or the child is enrolled in an online, home-school program, where the curriculum is similar to the formats we saw during the pandemic. In other words, zoom school. Honestly, after hearing about the rise of parents choosing to homeschool their children, I was intrigued and understood.

For one, COVID-19 changed the way we viewed in-person activities, work and school included. And there are a few factors that would lead me to want to homeschool my child. As I gave it more thought, I realized, that when I have children of my own, homeschooling will be a very real option. Here are my three reasons I advocate for home school learning:

1. School Disparities Still Exist

One interesting fact I learned when doing a deep dive into homeschooling, was that this year, it was most popular among people in the Black community. Schools that are seen as diverse or have more of a minority presence, do not always get the same benefits, curriculum, and extracurricular activities as predominantly white schools. I know this first hand growing up in an area that was highly segregated with my town's school being mostly white, and having an abundance of resources and the town next door not having a fraction of that (and that school was mostly Black and Hispanic). Something as simple as a zip code changed the type of curriculum the students received and it was unfair. With homeschooling, I can ensure my child is getting a standard curriculum regardless of zip code.

2. Schools Are Not How We Remember Them - Social Media Has Killed School Spirit

When I was in school, I remember being excited about going there. Not because I was a super nerd (although I kind of was) but because it was a safe haven for my teenage self who was filled with angst and swore no one but my friends understood me. We had homecoming and pep rallies to look forward to. We had football games, and senior-ditch day, but those things no longer excite students like they excited my generation. While COVID did throw a wrench in things by canceling proms and graduations, now that we are getting back into those things, students don’t care as much. A few of my closest friends are teachers and told me that kids are more into their social media presence and personal lives than what’s going on in their school. They would rather post themselves doing a viral dance at a concert than watch a football game. Instead of playing senior pranks, they’d rather try to be influencers. And on top of it all - social media has allowed for more bullying in schools. When I was in school, all we had was Facebook, and not everyone had internet on their phone (this was only 2012 guys). So if someone had a problem with you in school, it stayed there. But now, it goes on Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and everyone can join in on it.

3. Schools Are No Longer Safe

I don’t have to expand on this - this country has a serious problem when it comes to school safety. When I was younger, the incidents you hear about frequently on the news today were isolated incidents you learned about and it was treated as such. We didn’t have active shooter drills (although we had bomb threat drills), and we didn’t have metal detectors at the front of our building. The school building, for the most part, was open 7am-7pm, and you came and went as you pleased. There was no fear of tragedy happening in the halls, which we can’t say about schools today. Schools are no longer looked at as safe havens, and home-schooling mitigates that.

Let us know how you feel about homeschooling, are you for, or against it?

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