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Digital marketing is such a powerful tool. Between email campaigns, Pay Per Click and trying to stay at the forefront of any and all digital trends, digital media is impactful. So what is the newest digital marketing trend?

If you said video game advertising, you would be scarily accurate. More and more traditional companies have been exploring the idea of advertising their products and services in video games. Oftentimes, players are granted a reward in some form (think extra “life”, money, power-ups, skins) for watching the ad. Other times, if they are playing on a free system, rewards are just included. This has been popular for some time with online gaming, but now developers are toying with a similar concept for console gaming.

As a digital marketer and experienced tech and advertising industry chica, I see the need to leverage this opportunity, but does this take away from the essence of console gaming? While this can be expected with mobile gaming and other free online platforms, typically when a gamer is purchasing a game from anywhere between $70 and up, they expect an uninterrupted experience. Gaming is not only for leisure but an escape after a long day, or when you simply want to relax. Intruding on this with ads can take away from the very essence of gaming, and the escape it provides.

What are your thoughts? Should we be more open to this idea, or leave gaming as it is? Let’s get the conversation going in the comments!

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