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Ways To Upgrade Your Summer Social Plans

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

The summer season is here! This summer, many of us feel like we need to summer like we've never done before. With covid restrictions relaxing, people feeling safer, and just more time and perspective for balancing life and enjoyment, many of us cannot wait to get summer started. Now, if you're like me, you are the person that's hosting all the summer festivities. You're the one sending out the invites and making sure that family and friends have a great time. I enjoy doing this because I like planning things for others and I do enjoy doing everything down to the details. But, sometimes, it can get overwhelming because you always want to one-up what you've done last time. Here are my tips for making your summer social gatherings memorable, without doing too much or breaking the bank:

1. Invest in an Outdoor Fire Pit

This one isn't to be taken literally. When I say this, I mean find something on Amazon that can be used as a fire pit. We all don't have huge backyard spaces or the money to invest in something as costly as a fire pit. So check out these links below, where you can purchase a makeshift fire pit and you can enjoy having some wine by the fire in the evening with your friends or making s'mores with your family. (You can also get portable ones for the kiddos!)

Solo Stove Range Stainless Steel Smokeless Fire Pit

Gas Propane Fire Pit Table

Concrete Table Top Fire Pit Bowl

(2) Pack of City Bonfire Portable Fire Kits

2. Splurge on the Outdoor Activities for Kids

When I say splurge, I don't necessarily mean spend $500 on toys, but I mean invest in toys that you know will grow with your child. Things that they'll be able to use time and time again and year after year. For me, that means investing in a foldable ping pong table and a tabletop foosball. You can store this away during the winter months and they don't take up a ton of room. When summer comes around, break this out for the kids to play and it'll definitely keep them occupied while you and your guests mingle and chat.

Mainstreet Classics Table Top Game (Football/Soccer)

Zacro 10 Piece Table Tennis Set

MD Sports Table Tennis Set

3. Incorporate an Interactive Piece

Some people enjoy social gatherings just to catch up and shoot the breeze. But if you want to make things exciting for your guests, include something interactive that allows them to be creative and also incorporate them in the planning process of your event.

Maybe that looks something like creating your own cocktail mixture and whoever has the best wins. Or, maybe you have each person bring a charcuterie board or some type of dessert and people can vote on which one they like the best. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a hit with your guests!

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