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What’s Your Wine Style?

Hello readers! The other day I wanted a bottle of wine, and when I went into the wine store, I was searching the aisles and realized, I am a lover of wine, but by no means a wine expert. I know nothing about aromatic hints and notes of flowers, but I do know I love a good port wine, dry rose, and a crisp white wine. I thought to myself, there has to be more people in this category! People who love wines but are not searching for 1932 bottles of cabernet.

So how else can you tell what wine you love other than just trying it? Figuring out your wine style is key to saving you time searching the aisles of wine stores and throwing out money and bottles of wine you don’t like. So here are my ways of figuring out which wine I like the best.

  1. In doing some research, I was informed that the main components of deciphering wine is body, tannin, acidity, sweetness and flavors. But what does that all mean? For me I start with a basic question, do I like sparkling or not? It varies by the day, but that’s usually where I start. Not to be confused with champagne, but when I say sparkling wine, I mean the sparkling whites and rose’s of the world.

  2. Do I want red, white, or rose? This is important because each has a different occasion. If I want a wine for a simple fish dinner, I usually opt for the white. But, if I want an assortment of cheese and meats, I opt for a red. If I want a drink to go with fruits, or a small snack, I select rose. But that is just my preference. I once went to a wine tasting, and the wine master himself said “I never like to tell people what to pair with their wine, because that is a personal preference. Pair it with what you like”. And I agree. If you want a steak and rose, who says you can’t?

  3. Sweet or dry? This is usually hard, because each pallet is different, so even is a wine is considered sweet, what may be like cotton candy to me could be dry to you. This is where the trial and error comes in, but I usually like to read reviews about the wine beforehand to see what the general consensus is.

  4. Chilled or room temperature? I also think about if I want this wine chilled and if I need it immediately, or if it can sit in my wine fridge (aka mini fridge in my garage), to cool down before I need it. I know some people will die on the hill that reds should only be served room temperature, but again, I live life enjoying my wine, how I want to.

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